What works in city government and urban administration

Atlantis Underground is a notebook of observations and analysis of best-practices in urban governance, legal system entrepreneurship, and city-scale energy management, food, communications, and security infrastructure. I’m also interested in innovative approaches that may not have hit the academic literature or public policy circuit.

I’m curious about how peer-to-peer and distributed technologies can enhance¬†the urban experience that people crave – a thriving, safe, and prosperous community ¬†(at least that’s what I want) – especially in cities where the state apparatus lacks capacity to reliably provide public services, justice, or security.

I’m also seeking examples of excellent urban management. I want to connect with the people responsible, and discover what makes the difference and why. I focus on structural and systemic incentives, looking for ways to effectively align interests to deliver real quality of life.

Landon Synnestvedt