Month: June 2019

One-party Rule? Yes… if leaders deliver Results.

One-party rule is ok if leaders are accountable for results. In Philly we’ve had one-party rule by Democrats for 67 years. The leaders have been elected but they have not been accountable. It is time to hold them accountable for what they do, not give them slack because of what they say. It is time for Philadelphians to enjoy the benefits of good government.

So yeah, we can have one-party rule in Philly if our leaders earn their place by delivering results. When our leaders are first in service, then they are worthy of their authority.

Liberty & Good Government – Philadelphia

We declare a new birth of Liberty.
Right here in Philadelphia,
In the Cradle of Liberty,
In the City of Brotherly Love.
We declare a new birth of Liberty
So the blessings of Good Government shall
Return to our city.

We ask our Creator,
the Creator our Founders invoked at Liberty’s first birth, to
Re-inspire the universal principles of Good Government so we enjoy the fruitful exercise of our inalienable rights as thriving families and communities across our City, around our Earth and on new worlds that we, the People, will soon inhabit.