Month: June 2017

Trump Doesn’t Matter

Trump doesn’t matter.

What you do matters. What we do together in our neighborhoods matters.

All this focus on Mr. Trump gives him just what he wants. Attention. Eye-balls. If you think he’s evil, you’re missing the point. If you think he’s stupid, you are dangerously underestimating him. He doesn’t care what you think of him personally. And he’s not threatened by impotent politicians, insipid pundits, and hand-wringing intellectuals tweeting hate.

Even if a president becomes a threat to your liberty, to your well-being, to your family, you can’t do a thing unless you come from a place of strength. Staying desperate and disconnected – but righteously indignant and up on all the latest social media churn – that won’t make your life better.

Making our lives better means being useful in our neighborhoods, in our towns and cities. But instead we are afraid. We are stressed. We are addicted to the morphine drip of fear. We constantly look for someone to blame. I do this just as much as you.

To escape fear, to break the addiction, take action on these basics (baby steps matter):

* physical safety – make it safer where we live, where we work, where our kids and grandmothers walk every day.

* financial peace – stabilize our finances, create breathing room for our family and friends. Escape debt-slavery. Then thrive!

* resolve conflicts – clean things up, purge the festering wounds, embrace the discomfort of street-level restorative justice. Our families and neighborhoods need truth and reconciliation.

Trump doesn’t matter.
Not yet.

#WalkSafe #RestoreJustice #ThriveNow