Month: October 2016

Best Government in the Galaxy

Government sucks.

The citizen UX sucks most of the time in most places… for billions of people. [UX = user experience]

It doesn’t make sense. And it isn’t a law of nature. There are many reasons why most government services suck. None of those reasons reflect un-fixable problems, but fixing them requires totally new approaches. Meanwhile, most people can’t imagine anything better. Some people hope for some marginal, incremental improvement. Few people can imagine a citizen experience with government that is dramatically terrific, on par with the best customer service experiences in the private sector.

I’m working on AtlantisUnderground because I want to be part of creating the best government in the galaxy, and the best user experience for citizens. Please join me.

Serious Stuff vs. Creative Near-Fiction

Struggling with how to post my ongoing projects I’ve come up with two basic categories: Serious Stuff and Creative Near-Fiction

Serious Stuff includes (among other things) my clippings and analysis about good governance, security, and legal system engineering approached in a manner that won’t embarrass my colleagues in government. (Of course, the content may be embarrassing, but that’s a different problem relating to taboos and orthodoxy. I’m most interested in perspectives that may seem heterodox.)

Creative Near-Fiction imagines various near-future implications of people in networked tribes using technology and creative disruption to  survive and thrive in a world of inter-connected cities.